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Stewarding Equipment

Intech Chemical Solutions have available state of the art in equipment for kitchen departments including:

  • Automatic Dishwashing Dispensers to automatically dose detergent and rinse aid to exacting levels. This ensures economy and performance at all times

  • Proportional control tap mounted dispensers featuring wash/rinse switch to ensure the correct concentration of product

  • Floor pressure cleaners that include cleaning wands wash/rinse switch and proportional control of Vision Floor Cleaner;

  • Sink mounted pump dispensers that dose hand dishwashing detergent, sanitiser, floor cleaner etc

  • Hand soap dispensers that are designed to withstand heavy industrial use and provide economy and convenience

  • Barrel paper roll and dispensers for drying of hands

  • R.O.A.R. dispensers (rag on a roll) the convenient and hygienic way to clean up in the kitchen

  • All the necessary trigger sprays, squirt bottles, pump pack, etc to make the use of the products simple, safe and convenient

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