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Products & Services


Kitchens require a specialised range of cleaning products to ensure that the highest standards of sanitation and presentation are achieved and maintained. Intech Chemical Solutions products are specifically designed unique to the business so we can ensure that these standards are achieved and maintained. However, there must be a balance between performance and price levels. We are confident that we can meet the performance criteria whilst still being very cost effective.

Stewarding Services

Intech Chemical Solutions provide a total service package that is the most comprehensive available. Some of the services

provided are:

  • Comprehensive service report that provides detailed information on dishwasher performance as well as general sanitation, stock levels, problem areas and recommendation for improvements

  • Design and implementation of a tailor made sanitation program to ensure hygiene and presentation standards are maintained

  • Monitoring of stock levels and chemical consumption to ensure that performance levels and budgets are met

  • Staff training programs are available for all levels of personnel from management supervisors through to kitchen assistants that can be tailored to the applications

  • Full instruction to staff covering the use of all products supplied

  • Bacteriological testing to ensure the sanitation program is being carried out effectively

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