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The Challenge

Environmental awareness in the commercial cleaning industry is extremely important to Intech Chemical Solutions. We pride ourselves on the responsibility we take on providing alternatives to traditional materials. Intech Chemical Solutions are market leaders in developing solutions that not only provide quality results but also reduce the impact on the environment.

Our Solution

Our commitment to environmental awareness is reflected in our innovative solutions such as Genesis, our new laundry low temperature washing system.

Genesis environment benefits include:

  • Readily biodegradable

  • Low eco toxicity

  • Low carbon footprint

  • Organic

  • Sustainable

Genesis also reduces labour and transport costs:

  • Decrease packaging size

  • Less storage requirements

  • Decrease transport requirements

  • Lower usage of water

  • Quicker delivery of dosage - longer time for chemical to react with stain

  • Less wear and tear on pumping/dosing system 

  • Less mechanical wear and tear for shorter cycle

  • Wash more loads per day (up to 10%)

Whilst driving results and maintaining high quality:

  • Greater effect of time on stain

  • Lower rewash

  • Less pilling with a gentle wash

  • Suitable for all types of fabrics - cotton,wool, silk, fine fabrics

  • Leaves linen with soft touch effect

  • No bad odour (like chlorine)

  • Extending linen life with lower chemical and mechanical damage

Genesis is the preferred alternative to traditional formulations and is developed exclusively at Intech Chemical Solutions.

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