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Products & Services


The Intech Chemical Solutions Vision Housekeeping range of products has been formulated with the main objectives being:

  • Convenient to use

  • Safe for the operators

  • Economical application

A range of super concentrated housekeeping products is also available. The Super Concentrate range has the following benefits:

  • Economical - less packaging, transport & manufacturing cost

  • Performance - concentration can be set to the exact requirements of each customer

  • Storage - concentrate means one drum replaces several others thereby reducing space requirement

  • Environmental Benefit - packaging reduction - fully biodegradable products

  • Simple Equipment - simply press a button and the product is dispensed at the correct strength for spray bottles

Intech Chemical Solutions will develop a customised recommendation of what products are required based off business requirements and goals.

Housekeeping Services

Intech Chemical Solutions offers the following Housekeeping Services:

  • Full training including demonstrations on all aspect of product use and safety

  • Hygiene instruction

  • Bacteriological tests to ensure efficiency of cleaning programs

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