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Laundry Equipment

Intech Chemical Solutions supply and recommend the latest, robust hydraulic diaphragm pumps designed to deliver accurate dosing without fail and especially designed to be used with CBW’s. This is coupled by the robust digital Neutron Starch Dispensing system to communicate with all types of CBW’s which also protects all the electrical components. The single most important factor is the reliability of the equipment and the peace of mind it provides to the customer.

We work closely with various companies to provide our customers with the most advanced dosage pump package available and include Jensen, Grundfos, Alldos, Burkert, and Prominent Pumps.

The Neutron management system is designed to produce reports for:

  • Chemical consumption

  • Production summaries

  • Chemical Costing

  • Loads processed

All of the reports available from the management system assume that the machines are loaded in accordance with the specified weight of linen and that the chemical dosing actually occurs. After several periods of data have been compiled a reasonably accurate data base would be available and any major variances can be highlighted.

Intech Chemical Solutions can provide laundry customers with the following equipment:

  • Double walled Bulk Storage Tanks - manufactured to Intech's specifications

  • Hydraulic digital stainless steel head Diaphragm pump chemical dispensers

  • Flush Manifolds - to dilute chemicals immediately prior to final injection where required

  • Low and High level alarms

  • Intech Chemical Solutions designed measuring equipment for spot checking chemical dosage rates. All on-line system entirely safe to use

  • All stainless steel anti-syphoning valves

  • Stainless steel installation feed tubing

  • Supervised delivery by experienced staff to ensure delivery of the products is carried out according to Intech's strict safety standard

  • Independent consultant to approve chemical bund, injection system, and safety according to the Dangerous Goods Code and Intech’s Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

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