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Intech Chemical Solutions laundry products are radically different from those of its competitors as they involve highly concentrated and complex formulae created for efficiency and optimum commercial benefits for our clients.

Intech Chemical Solutions products include stabilised multiple enzymes in liquid form to eliminate the need for post-adding and its associated costs.

Our products are designed to reduce the harsh alkali that have been used traditionally by the laundry industry. We also offer eco friendly laundry solutions - see Genesis.

Our products enable us to offer multiple temperature washing programs at all appropriate temperatures from 20 ̊C- 40 ̊C for cold water through to 50 ̊C. 60 ̊C and 70 ̊C. Our wash programs are designed to conform to the Australian Standards for Laundry washing that is used for healthcare.

The majority of the surfactants we use are manufactured to our own unique specifications and cannot be easily copied or duplicated by other suppliers.

Our philosophy behind these special formulations is to minimise fabric degradation through the application of high detergence and low alkalinity, the prime causes of fabric damage particularly to polyester and some natural fibres such as wool.

Intech Chemical Solutions products are fabric friendly and wash a wide range of different fabrics efficiently using different wash programs with an unequalled flexibility.

The Intech range of products is unique in that the use of high technology detergency coupled with low alkalinity, provides superior results at a relatively low cost per kilogram. The Challenger Laundry System washing formulation makes the use of acid neutralisers (sours) and the need for titrations obsolete.

Laundry Services

Tailored Wash Room Service Programmes

The Intech Chemical Solutions service program for laundry clients is designed to ensure that all possible inspections and checks are carried out and tailored to the client’s particular wash room requirements. From our experience these checks generally include:

  • Chemical volumes dispensed accurately to each washing program

  • Temperatures can be monitored throughout the entire wash program with the Intech temperature ball that follows the wash through every compartment of CBW

  • Chemical activities such as available oxygen, detergency, and conductivity

  • Continuous pH monitoring throughout the entire wash programs and alarm signal by Wi-fi digital reporting to the operator, management and Intech

  • Chemical stock levels

  • Water flow hydrology of CBWs

  • Water levels for the CBWs and washer extractors

  • Loading factors



Testing and Reporting

The above listed elements are checked every time on every machine with a written report issued to their nominated staff member. In addition to the regular tests outlined above Intech Chemical Solutions can also perform the following tests on an "as required" basis:

  • Detailed Laboratory Water Analysis for organic and inorganic

  • EMPA 105 testing

  • WFK – EMPA 224 testing

  • Stain testing for stain analysis

  • Microbial testing of washed linen

  • Wash processing costs


Intech Chemical Solutions is proudly a part of the Laundry Association Australia.

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