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Safety & Training

Our Commitment

Intech Chemical Solutions is totally committed to providing all of our customers with the highest possible level of customer service. Intech works closely with our clients and suppliers at a personal level, as it is our aim to know our associates well, to understand their requirements and how they would prefer to achieve these, then to meet their needs in a professional manner with, immediacy of action, attention to detail and most importantly, with complete integrity.


For all safety data and product data sheets and information – please contact us.


Intech Chemical Solutions fully recognises the importance of training and offers assistance at several levels.

Introduction of Intech Chemical Solution's Products

Following a review of our customers’ operational requirements, we embark on a training program approved by their management to ensure that personnel are fully conversant with the storage, usage of and safety precautions required for handling all Intech products.

Safety Training

Following initial training in the safety aspects of handling and using our products, frequent refresher courses are held to ensure that all staff are totally safety-conscious and aware of the correct techniques of handling and using our products. This type of training is particularly applicable to maintenance personnel.

Exclusive Training Program

Intech Chemical Solutions can develop a comprehensive training program, involving two hour training sessions, to provide basic information on "Cleaning & Laundering Techniques" for laundries.

The installation of this type of training schedule is introduced entirely at the discretion of the client and is tailored and progressed on a basis to suit the individual requirements.

A brief examination is held at the end of each module to ensure effective learning and certificates are awarded to all attendees. The provision of this type of training is a free service, the customer’s investment is limited to the personnel hours spent attending the course/s. Subjects covered in this type of training can be arranged to suit the client’s particular requirements.

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